What Is a Butt Lift and Who Should Consider It?

If a flat, untoned butt is making it difficult for you to fill out the cute clothes you love, Dr. Joseph Ku can help. For people who feel self-conscious about their figure, the innovative Brazilian butt lift is the ideal way to achieve the shape you’ve been dreaming of with instant results and only a short recovery period.

At Precision Plastic Surgery, Dr. Ku offers the three-step butt lift to increase your satisfaction with your backside. Enjoy perkier, more defined buttocks with this alternative to the traditional butt implant surgery, which may not produce the natural-looking results you want.

Understanding the butt lift

The butt lift is commonly known as a Brazilian butt lift, thanks to its Brazilian creator. It’s a surgical procedure where Dr. Ku removes unwanted fat from other parts of your body and injects it into your butt, giving it more volume and definition.

The fat is removed from your abdomen, thighs, back, or love handles using a liposuction technique. Once the fat is out of your body, Dr. Ku purifies it, separating the fat from other substances. Only the best fat cells are injected back into your butt to ensure you end up with the tightest, most natural-looking results.

Prepare to receive a few hundred microinjections of fat throughout your buttocks during the procedure. The large number of injections ensures that your fat cells are distributed to exactly the right places, giving you a well-sculpted, uniform look.

A butt lift does require about two weeks of recovery time before the swelling subsides. After that, you’ll enjoy immediate results, with a fuller, smoother backside.

The ideal butt lift candidate

A butt lift is designed to enhance your derriere, improving your profile and helping your clothes fit more comfortably. You may want to consider a butt lift if:

Dr. Ku will also make sure you’re healthy enough for surgery and have the right expectations for your results. If the procedure is right for you, you get the added benefit of having that unwanted fat removed from other locations and injected precisely where you want it.

Butt lift benefits

A Brazilian butt lift is a safe, effective way to improve the shape and size of your butt. A butt lift also offers long-lasting results. Because Dr. Ku uses your own fat cells, there is less risk of complications. Plus, the results look and feel completely natural.

The Brazilian butt lift is an effective treatment for both men and women looking to improve the definition of their profiles. Aging affects men and women alike, causing loose, sagging skin in all areas of the body, including the butt. Dr. Ku performs butt lifts for both male and female patients with great success.

Finally, a Brazilian butt lift gives you immediate results. It’s the ideal cosmetic option when you want to enhance your butt for swimsuit season or a special occasion. As long as you leave a couple of weeks for your recovery, you can show off your toned, sculpted booty with no regrets.

To find out if a butt lift is right for you, book an appointment with Dr. Ku at Precision Plastic Surgery today.

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