Breast Reduction


Reduction Mammoplasty

Large, heavy breasts can often feel like a burden to many women who suffer from physical discomfort, back problems, and self-consciousness. Fortunately, however, reduction mammoplasty can decrease your breast size and offer greater lifelong comfort. Dr. Ku is a board-certified plastic surgeon who performs reduction mammoplasty in Corona and Riverside, California.

Breast Reduction

Before and After Breast Reduction Results in Riverside, CA


Individual Results May Vary

Breast Reduction: Is it right for you?

The ideal candidate for reduction mammoplasty is a healthy non-smoker who has reasonable expectations about possible surgical outcomes. The surgery is well-suited from women who find that their large breasts cause problems such as:

  • Pain in the head, neck, back, and shoulders
  • Circulation and breathing problems
  • Recurrent infections or irritation in the breast crease
  • Embarrassment and discomfort

Reduction mammoplasty is not suitable for women who plan to breastfeed. While the surgery is typically performed on women whose breasts have become fully developed, it may be performed earlier when the patient is experiencing serious physical discomfort.

Before and After Breast Reduction in Riverside, CA

Dr. Ku offers free consultations at his Riverside office, where he can tell you about the risks, benefits and expected outcome of breast reduction surgery. You can also review some photos that will indicate the typical results.

What to Expect During Your Breast Reduction

After the patient has received a general anesthetic, Dr. Ku makes incisions that outline the area of skin, breast tissue, and fat to be removed, as well as the new position for the nipple. Dr. Ku may use one of several techniques based on the patient’s needs and expectations. Skin that was located above the nipple is used to reshape the breast. The incisions are then sutured and covered in gauze and medical tape.

Recovery and Aftercare

Initial pain and swelling should subside after a few days, and you may be prescribed medication to ease discomfort during the first week of your recovery. Dr. Ku may place a temporary surgical drain to remove excess fluids. During the several weeks following your surgery, you will need to wear a surgical bra to reduce swelling and prevent undue pressure on the incision site. Be sure to avoid heavy lifting or strenuous activity for at least a month after the surgery.

To Learn More: Schedule a Consultation with Dr. Joseph Ku

If you suffer the discomfort of heavy breasts, a board-certified plastic surgeon may be able to help. You can schedule a mastopexy consultation with Dr. Ku at his Riverside plastic surgery office in Inland Empire by calling 951-509-9204. He serves patients in the Corona, Riverside, Murrieta, Redlands, Temecula, and Lake Elsinore, California area.

Click here for more information about a breast reduction in Riverside from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, of which Dr. Ku is a member.




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