Mommy Makeovers: Getting Your Body Back After Pregnancy

As any new mother knows, having a baby changes your body. You’ve carried around dozens of extra pounds for nine months and pushed a human being out of your uterus. Your waistline is a faint memory, and your breasts may look like deflated tires. The way your body looks now can negatively affect your feelings about your sexuality and your attractiveness as a woman.

The good news: Dr. Joseph Ku with Precision Plastic Surgery is an expert at mommy makeovers, restoring sunken breasts, giving you a flatter tummy and shapelier contours, and revealing a slim waistline that may have been lost under folds of leftover pregnancy flab. With a mommy makeover, Dr. Ku can help you look and feel like yourself again, and even give you a renewed sense of self-confidence.

Your mommy makeover depends on your individual body makeup and needs, but it usually consists of three procedures: breast augmentation, a tummy tuck, and liposuction.

Breast augmentation: Enhance your sexuality and self-confidence

Breast augmentation reshapes your breasts, enhancing their volume, shape, and symmetry. Not only does Dr. Ku restore your breasts to their pre-pregnancy state, he also works with you to determine the most proportionate cup size to complement your height, weight, and body type.

If you’ve always had small breasts, now may be the time to add what nature didn’t provide. If your breasts are deflated from breastfeeding, implants can help you regain the natural-looking fullness you’ve lost.

Recent research reveals positive psychological benefits for women who have breast augmentation. The procedure correlates directly with increased sexual desire (an increase of about 80% from a baseline score), increased arousal (also about 80%), and increased sexual satisfaction (of almost 60%).

Tummy tuck: Achieve a flatter, firmer abdomen

If childbearing and life have left you with a belly that sticks out like a beach ball, a tummy tuck can help you flatten and firm up your midsection. After nine months of pregnancy, you’re ready to break out those form-fitting tops again, but they just accentuate the rolls of flab — that’s where the tummy tuck comes in.

Pregnancy and childbirth often leave you with loose, sagging skin over your stomach. Plus, the labor of delivery may have caused your abdominal muscles to loosen or separate, increasing your girth. A tummy tuck eliminates excess fat in your abdominal area, repairs loose muscles, and gets rid of that sagging, wrinkled skin.

Liposuction: Reveal a slimmer waistline

Diet and exercise can only do so much. Even when you’ve reached or neared your target weight with a healthy, active lifestyle, stubborn pockets of fat — like that bothersome muffin top — may refuse to melt away. Excess fat also commonly linger on your thighs and back after pregnancy.

If this describes you, Dr. Ku will likely incorporate liposuction into your comprehensive mommy makeover. Liposuction sucks out excess fat deposits from specific targeted areas, improving your contours and revealing a slimmer waistline.

Are you a candidate for a mommy makeover?

To be a candidate for a mommy makeover, you should be:

The three-in-one mommy makeover bundle lets you avoid further surgery and receive the benefits of all three procedures at the same time.

During your initial consultation, Dr. Ku will help you identify the best procedures to help you achieve your unique goals and give you an idea of the results you can expect. Call Precision Plastic Surgery or book an appointment online to find out how a mommy makeover can transform your body.

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